Each competition event relies of a team of volunteers doing essential tasks to get it organised and then run things on the day.   There are many ways you could help.

Helping Organise A Competition

In the 3 months ahead of the competition, the main tasks for the Co-ordinator and their helpers are:

  1. Schedule - Updating the section list, entry form and awards list.
  2. Venue - Organising a venue.
  3. Adjudicator - Finding an Adjudicator.  Looking after them while in town.
  4. Website - Updating the competition information online – before and after the event.
  5. Distribution - Posting and emailing information to past and potential entrants and related businesses.  Maintaining mailing lists.
  6. Publicity - Advertising.  Getting the word out.  Publishing results.
  7. Answers - Answering questions from entrants, parents and teachers.
  8. Entries - Confirming entries, taking payments and issuing receipts.
  9. Program - Putting together the Program.
  10. Trophies - Ordering trophies and ribbons.  Organising engraving.  Getting perpetual trophies back.
  11. Sponsors - Keeping them informed.
  12. Photos - Organising photos for the website and future publicity.

Helping on Competition Days

The main tasks are:

  1. Admission - Selling tickets and programs to the public at the door.
  2. Back table - Registration of entrants, taking music/text, recording results.
  3. Chairperson - Announcing each section and each entrant.
  4. Penciller - Helping the Adjudicator.
  5. Canteen - Making or selling refreshments.
  6. Setting Up - Setting up and packing up the hall.
  7. Equipment - Playing backing music CDs.

You can help for the whole competition, a day or just for a morning, afternoon or evening.

Becoming a Volunteer

If you are interested in helping, please download the Volunteer Application Form. 

Note:   All volunteers need to have a Working With Children Check (This is free from the NSW Government).  Other checks might be needed for certain tasks.