How to Sponsor

Any individual, family or business can become a sponsor for the year.  We are grateful for every dollar we receive.

You can choose how we use your money.  You might be only interested in one type of competition (eg  Dance), or certain sections within it (eg  Tap) – or your interests might be more broad.    

You might be interested in funding a:

  • trophy (kept by the winner)
  • memorial or perpetual trophy (awarded each year)
  • cash prize
  • prize voucher (for relevant goods and services)
  • scholarship (to help pay for more tuition and further study.)

If you don’t have a particular interest, your sponsorship money could be used to help us cover essential running costs, such as:

  • engaging experienced Adjudicators;
  • venue hire;
  • office supplies;
  • professional membership fees; or
  • event advertising.

As a sponsor, your name will be:

  • listed in the Program;
  • listed against any competition sections you support; and
  • on our website (with a hot link to your business).

Talk to us about tailoring a sponsorship package to your particular interests.